Not wrestling, Sumo-lah!

What's going to be exciting about watching Sumolah later once it's out in cinemas coming December 2006, is actually getting to watch the actors in the mawashi, complete Sumo wrestling loincloths! And performing the Sumo in as realistic as possible amateur tournament style. Afdlin and a few of the crew had gone to Fukuoka late last year to actually do some research including attend a real Sumo tournament and wrestle with real rikishi (wrestlers) at the university.

From that experience, they came back and began learning and rehearsing sumo with the Malaysian Sumo Association. So everything you'll be watching, will be as real as it gets. Including the mawashi which was bought and imported from Japan.

Here are photos from the filming of a scene of the Diamond Sushi team practicing sumo in their snazzy gym.

Hassan (Terry Gallyot) being dressed up with the mawashi.

Akira (Gurmit Singh), all ready to go.

Hassan (Terry) & Mickey (Gavin Yap) ready with their shiko.

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akira..sumo man??he so thin..hahaaha


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