Production Photos

Hey'all! I've got some photos 'ere, finally, from my camera tho. I'm still trying to some more 'pro' pics from the official photographer ^_~ In the meantime, enjoy.

Afdlin as Ramlee, on the first day of Principal Photography.

One of our office sets is a funeral parlour. It was weird having to write a letter requesting for 4 coffins. Heheh...

Ramlee and the funeral parlour boss.

At Kepong Metropolitan Park.

2nd AD, Shima, at the monitors.

Inthira Charoenpura as Siti, looks gorgeous on screen.

Afdlin & Shima at the monitors.

Ramlee in his "Boleh Sushi" restaurant uniform.

Inthira with 2nd Director, Michihiro Kubota.

Crane shot from outside Ramlee's house.

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