One week down, seven to go

Sumolah's coming to its second week of principal photography in the coming week. The first week has been a hectic flurry of activity for everyone trying to get their footing in the production. All of us practically had only one week prior for pre-production, but it's been amazing how all the departments has been working amazingly intense to meet Afdlin's direction for the film.

Everything is falling into place now - principal photography is going with it's usual minor production hitches, all our artistes are locked in, and we need just one more major location locked in then we're good to go... And that's just for the KL shoot.

We've locked in July 28th - August 5th as our shoot dates in Fukuoka, Japan. So preparations for that like getting the visas done, booking flights and all has to be done this coming week.

That's mostly for my side of Sumolah as LP. I'll try to get photos of the production up as soon as I can grab someone's photos to upload!


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At 4:45 PM, Blogger sulfuricacid said...

yeah!.... get every bit of it/them...
even better if you made photoblog of it >.<

its gonna be freakin awesome!!!!

At 10:37 PM, Blogger pakDEN said...

nak buat kat jepun ke filem nih? I m here in japan. leh join jadi budak angkut air?

At 10:33 PM, Blogger midnite lily said...

syed, got photos up already! ^_^

fadzil, yes, we will be in Fukuoka Japan July 28 - Aug 6. where u?


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