More production photos

More photos up for you guys to check out... I've already got em pro photos in CD now. I just need some time to sort them out before I can post them here. Meantime, enjoy...

Ramlee (Afdlin) with his Mak (Kartina Aziz) in their home in Kg Baru.

Mummy confronts Ramlee, for being 30 and jobless!

We blocked off a busy street in Cyberjaya to set up the opening scene of Ramlee weaving through traffic on his motorbike.

2nd Director, Michihiro, pretending to make sushi...

Afdlin and the crew, during pre-lighting set up at the Boleh Sushi Restaurant.

Afdlin and crew, outside Boleh Sushi, doing a run through of the scenes that will be shot the next day.

Tomoko writing out in Japanese some of Boleh Sushi's menu.

Patrick Teoh, waiting his cue outside Boleh Sushi.

Just amusing himself, watching a surprise guest enter Boleh Sushi during a scene.

Sai & Gurmit with the crew and make-up, in between shots.

Recording clapper board...

Sai, Gurmit & Afdlin in action.

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