Diamond Sushi team's first night out

The opposing team that will fight against Boleh Sushi's Ramlee, Haris and Andy is the mean, nutty and obnoxious Diamond Sushi team played by Gurmit Singh as Akira, Terry Gallyot as Hassan and Gavin Yap as Mickey; and headed by Ben Tan as Tadano and Akira's father.

Last nite was the first time the three got together for their appearance in the film. We shot at True Fitness USJ Taipan, who were our kind location sponsors, from 7am until 9am this morning! It was a mad but fun filming the night out.

Kudos to the dedicated film crew and amazing cast for being so patient and professional despite everyone's tiredness keeping up. We'll be moving back into the Boleh Sushi set on Tuesday morning for the next two-three weeks!

Here's a sneak peak video of the Diamond Sushi team in training.

Yeah, that's Gavin in the mohawk... tsk.

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