Sumolah - in cinemas this week!

Make a date to catch Sumolah in cinemas near you, from May 10th onwards!!! And catch the stars of the film, at roadshows in your state!

9 May * TGV Cinemas, KLCC (Charity Show) 7.30pm
with Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Inthira Charoenpura

10 May * MBO Galaxy, Ampang 8.00pm
with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick Teoh, Inthira Charoenpura

11 May * TGV Bukit Raja, Klang 8.00pm
with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

12 May * TGV Kinta City Shopping Centre, Ipoh 3.00pm
* Mega Cineplex Prai Megamall, Butterworth 8.00pm

with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

13 May * GSC Queensbay, Penang 1.00pm
* Cathay Prangin Mall, Penang 4.00pm

with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

18 May * Star Cineplex, Kuching 8.00pm
with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

19 May * KK Cineplex Growball, Kota Kinabalu 3.00pm
* Cathay, Kota Kinabalu 7.00pm

with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

20 May * Tha Mall Cineplex, Brunei 3.00pm
with Afdlin, Awie, Patrick

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Coming May 10th to a theatre near you!

After an intense period of waiting for a cinematic release date, we are proud to announce that Sumo-lah will be in cinemas on May 10th, 2007.

Yes, it's confirmed! We received official confirmation today from the relevant authorities of a cinematic release date of May 10th. We all breath a sigh of release here at Vision Works HQ, as the wait for this letter has had us gnawing at our fingertips. In light of this news, we kick-start our camapign to promote the film so, spread the word y'all.

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Due to some misunderstanding we would like to clarify a point which has come up about the proper attire for sumo wrestling. We posted pictures showing some of the wrestlers wearing t-shirts over their mawashi (cawat). The pictures did come with a caption stating that the wrestlers were rehearsing prior to a take (a recording). However we have received comments that in proper sumo bouts no wrestler would be wearing t-shirts.

We are fully aware of this but realise that there may be people out there who are not - therefore we would like to stress that at no point in our shoot was there a recording of sumo wrestlers wearing anything but the required mawashi over tight shorts allowed in amateur wrestling bouts. Thank you.

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Sumolah - in cinemas February 2007

Sumolah's film poster - First released on Afdlin's blog, you've heard it folks!
"The movie editing is almost finished and dubbing should start by the middle of the month. Estimated release date will be February 2007."
~Are you ready for the big show? Afdlin Shauki

Promote the film, and put up the poster on your blogs!

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Sumolah quick updates

hello! Just a quick update that Sumolah's still in the early stages of post production editing... and the film might just be slated up for release next year. When exactly? Watch this space to find out.

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And it's a wrap!

Principal Photography for Sumolah is finally complete - as of early this morning at 3.22am. We shot out last scene beneath the towering Twin Towers in sleepy Kg Baru. And the moment Afdlin called "It's a wrap for Sumolah", everyone belted out mixed signals. Some of sigh of reliefs, others mostly of memories and friendship bonds made having come to an end, accompanied by hugs and handshakes, smiles and almost cries.

After spending 63 days, through thick and thin, with mad deadlines and the memorable 10-days in Fukuoka - how can any of the team members not feel a sudden void of missing the Sumolah family now that the film's over? I know, I'll miss everyone despite it all.

But for Afdlin and the Vision Works team, it's not over yet. There's still editing, audio dubbing, and a whole lot of other set of preparations to get Sumolah OUT THERE for you awesome people! Nokotta!

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live from LUCCT: Sumo tourney, 3rd bout

Outback Sushi vs Diamond Sushi

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