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It was a proud moment for myself and the other Vision Works Company Directors, seeing the cast & crew gather at KLIA last saturday, all wearing their green & black vision works shirts. We had come a long way from the days we ran an office without a floor or airconditioning cos we couldn't afford it! We felt like proud parents sending the kids off to college. Sniff...sniff....brings a tear to my eye!

It's hard to describe the amount of energy that goes on behind the production process. The time and energy to organize it all so that people can do their work and make a film. While the majority of the crew & main cast are filming in Fukuoka, some of the crew stayed behind to get things organised for the rest upon their return to KL. over the last few days, Along (PM), Paul (Head Art Dept) and Nat (PM) have been working tirelessly to scout for locations and meet with the appropriate people to give us permisssion to shoot at those locations for the very big sumo tournament scene we are scheduled to shoot next week. Thanks to those 3, their helpers and the very kind people they met today, we have ourselves a location and much more! THANK YOU!

For the rest in Japan, they have been shooting like crazy! and the crew from AND Films Ltd have been ever so helpful and accommodating, not only ferrying the crew here and there, but also translating menus and acting as tour guides for everyone. Thanks to AND Films for all your help. If you live in Fukuoka, the crew will be out filming at Dazaifu Shrine tomorrow. It's gona be a busy scene with an estimated 1000 visitors to the shrine.

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At 2:36 AM, Blogger Syed [rumput yang hijau] said...

wow... new update... ehhehe.. upload some eye-candy of things yang dah dibuat kat jepun... picture.. picture... picture... vids oso can lah.. heheheheh


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