Time Ticking away!

congratulations to Ozeki Tochiazuma for beating Yokozuna Asashioryu at the January Grand Sumo Championship finals in Tokyo. The underdog has shown true fighting spirit to beat the current Grand Champion from Mongolia. For the first time, in a long, long time a native from TOKYO has won ina grand championship final. Kudos to the champion

Most of the things that we need to do to execute the production has been done but production is yet to start. The reason is we are still waiting on the production funds to come in. My greatest fear is we are going to lose a lot of the things we have prepared for but i feel like Tochiazuma right now, despite the odds, i am going to believe in myself and i am going to fight-fight-fight until we get this movie made.

The Producer

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Producer's nightmare


Well, it's been 7 months since work on SUMOLAH has started and though the end in sight the problems keep piling up. If i pulled a strand of hair for every obstacle that we have encountered, I am pretty sure that i would be botak by now. Did i mention i hate capital investors.

Anyways, My Assistants have been working hard working their asses of trying to keep to deadlines and make sure everything is in order. It looks like my first Assistant Director has jumped ship, without even telling me but in my heart i understand his reasons. It's just his typically Malay attitude towards dealing with situations that i cannot tahan. My co-producer is also missing, so i am working on this baby alone. Thankfully, my beautifoo wife (she's such a trooper) has agreed to jump into the assistant producer shoes and is doing a heck of a job.

Yesterday night we had a major drama incident happening when GURMIT SINGH (aka Phua Chu Kang) who is in town for SUMO training, realised that he had rashes due to possibly being bitten by a mite or it's buglike kin in his hotel suite. This is a major concern for us as it will not do for our actor's to have rashes when appearing on camera in their mawashis. So,he was rushed to the clinic and was dutifully given a job to relieve him of the reaction. Now he is recuperating in his room, so that he can recover just in time for SUMO training where we will put him through more physical abuse. heehee. But KUDOS to GURMs for being such a trooper and an insanely commited actor.

More notes to follow....



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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, illegal immigrants and legal aliens, i am talking about producing FILMs. Memang susah jadi produser filem ni. Sentiasa perlu memikir cara untuk mengurangkan kos supaya filem kita tak rugi, mesti ruthless dan hati kering. On top of that dealing with the financiers are a major pain in the ass, as they don't really care about the movie content itself and what the artist is trying to achieve with the creative endeavour, but rather "HOW WILL WE GET OUR MONEY BACK?", itu aje. It's just business to them and this is how they got succesful running their business.
Getting in bed with them is a necessary evil, but no matter how good they say their deal is, you always get a feeling that ur ass has been penetrated by a long blunt object after a session of dealings with them.
Yes!! my fellow ROMANs.... Movie making in MALAYSIA is a major bitch and a half and then some. As a director, we are at the constant mercy of the producer, but to be fair, the producer is answerable to the investor/financial institution/ Ah-Long/ Funder/money man. Just look at Castello, the FILM literally looked like a 2 hour Julie's commercial. MONEY talks bullshit walks.
Sometimes i wish that life would be easier but then again i realise, nothing in this life is free. Anyone who believe that he can get away with things for free, has an inmate number waiting for him at penjara KAJANG.
On a lighter note, Gurmit Singh is coming down from Singapore today to do SUMO training with us. He will be here from the 16th till the 19th January.
We wish him good luck and happy thighs.

ACTOR, Director, Producer.

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